Warsaw Orthopedic Massage


What is your cancellation policy?

A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation or making any changes to your appointment is required for any reason. Appointments cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the scheduled session will result in the credit card on file being billed for the full session price. If the card on file is declined you will receive an e-bill for the missed session. You will not be able to book another appointment until the missed appointment fee is paid. I have been lenient in the past for illness. I understand that life happens. However, due to excessive short notice cancellations I can no longer afford to waive the cancellation fees. So please keep this in mind when you book. Cancellation fees are not a punishment. They are simply a way for me to protect my own business income to make sure I can stay in business long term. I love what I do and look forward to serving my clients as long as I can and still be able to support my family. I hate the thought I having to do something else. I love what I do. I appreciate your understanding and your conscientiousness.

If the weather is inclement you will likely get a call from me offering to change your appointment so you will not incur any cancellation fee under these circumstances. No worries. I am reasonable.

Do I have to undress for the massage?

As of now the massage I offer does require disrobing. I always use sheets for draping. You will be covered except the area I am working on. Hip/glute work if needed can be done with underwear on or covered with the sheet. I leave the room when the you are undressing and knock before reentering.

I may be adding some massage training in the future that can be done clothed for those that prefer this. Check back in the future.


Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance at this time. However some HSAs will cover massage therapy sessions. You need to check with your HSA provider. They may require a referral for massage from a medical doctor. Many MDs are more than happy to give you this referral if massage therapy helps with your particular health issue. I am able to process some HSA cards at my office. For those that won't process through, several of my clients have been able to take a receipt and get reimbursed by their HSA provider. Again just check with the rules of your particular HSA provider.


Do you accept credit cards?

I accept cash, check and credit cards. There is a $35 fee for any returned checks.


What is the best way to schedule an appointment?

Online is the best way to book with me as I never answer the phone during a massage appointment. If you don't see your preferred time on my online schedule, get on my waiting list or text me. Sometimes I have other times available that I don't post on my schedule. I do check my messages between appointments, so please leave a message with a good time to call you back. Especially if you would like to discuss your specific concerns before booking.


Am I supposed to tip?

I have set my fees at a rate that allows me to pay all my business expenses and support my family. Tipping can create an awkward experience for you and me. Many professions receive tips because their services are under compensated by their employers or if they own their business they are undercharging for their services and need the tips to help make up the deficit. If you like to tip and feel generous instead consider buying a gift certificate for a friend or family member.


Do you use essential oils?

Due to so many people having allergies and skin sensitivities I use 100% pure organic or pesticide free unscented jojoba oil in my massage sessions. It is the most hypoallergenic oil. It is very similar to the natural oils in human skin. Jojoba oil is very well tolerated by most people and is very light in texture and non staining. If you are sensitive to essential oils I will use the plain jojoba oil.

I do put a drop of essential oil on a cotton ball in a tea ball under the face cradle. If you are sensitive to the smell of essential oils please let me know when you book your appointment. This can be easily removed. I do offer massage with essential oils or herbal infused jojoba oil for clients who ask for it. I do not diffuse essential oils in my office at this time.


Do you have any special promotions?

I always appreciate referrals from my clients. Clients who send in new clients will receive

  • $10 off their next massage per referral
  • or if you send in 3 in the same calendar month you will earn a free 45 minute session or you can upgrade that to a longer massage for the difference in price.


Do you offer onsite chair massage or mobile massage?

No I do not.


Do you offer couples massage?

No I do not.



Please call if you have any questions that I haven't addressed here. Leave a message if I don't answer and a good time to call you back. I may be with another client so I don't always answer my phone. I also screen my calls due to the excessive telemarketer calls. So please leave a message. I will be happy to speak with you. You may also contact me through the contact form on the Contact Page. It is easier for me to answer through email than playing phone tag just so you know. But I will call you back as soon as I can if you prefer to call.